The impact of cyberspace on the improvement and development of the business domain

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Today’s world is known by extensive communications among people. Significant part of our life determined by these social communications and the more quality of these relation will cause promoting in level of living and thereafter business. Of course, nowadays without modern communicative devices and digital technologies, communication between humans is not possible. Any of us spending time on social network daily and we take different roles of familial, social, work, and etc. The social network or cyberspace of entrepreneurs include private network, job network, experienced network, professional network and market network, in which experienced network has the most load factor and private network has the less one. Also in performance measurement, export has the most load factor and expected growth has the less one.
You may ask yourself how social network can be efficient in developing your business. In today’s accelerated world of information, there is not much time to overtake of rivals, so we discuss some advantages of using popular social network.
Nowadays, social networks have significant role in cyberspace. These networks are followed by many visitors and users; so, some countries obligated to legislate for their users.
Some business owners have still concerned their entire investment which spend in social networks marketing, after nly a few years become fruitless. They are unaware of advantages of cyberspace in developing business.
In this paper is tried to represent the advantages of cyberspace in improvement and development of business from different aspects, which certainly is useful for changing viewpoints in business and managers in field of crime prevention and damages of cyberspace with convincing approach.


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